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Flowers Aromatic Egypt was established in 2018, as a emerge between Egypt Aromatic and flowers Aromatic , the new company situated in KOTUR, El GHARABYA Governorate.

KOTUR is knowing as the world capital of Jasmin, which produce nearly 50% of the Jasmin concrete and absolute of the world production.
The merge between the two entities was established , in order to create more dynamic and robust new company , and to benefit from the different methods of processing , as they complement each other .

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The new company is capable now to use; steam distillation method;

in this process steam is circulating under pressure through plant material, liberating the essential oils into the steam.As the steam mixture cools the water and the oil is collected in its pure form ; cold press method and ethyl alcohol extraction. The two factories include fourteen extraction unit, capacity of 26 tonnes.

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    Our company is keen to develop its strategy to work towards achieving its main target , which is providing the best quality of essential oils according to the international standards and specification, as a valuable resource for a lot of health benefits in the field of nutrition, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals products.

  • Our Mission is to develop and create different varieties of essential oils and concretes with competitive prices and the best guaranteed quality based on analyzing the customer’s taste and needs.

  • Our vision is that we are welling to advance our facilities gradually and make sure that our products are ready to access the main markets, of Europe – Canada – USA. We endeavor to keep our products always adaptable to the needs of our partners and the production of fragrances, pharmaceutical and food stuff.


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Essential oils are Natural compounds extracted from plants that have been used throughout history, with their history being traced back to ancient Egypt. There are several types of essential oils ; the most popular essential oils include neroli, Jasmin absolute, chamomile, violet leaf, sweet basil linalool, Egyptian geranium, cumin, peppermint, anise seeds, lemongrass and mandarin.
The essence of plant extracts is what makes oils essential, which are mainly obtained through steam and water distillation. Mechanical methods such as cold pressing alongside solvent extraction are other ways of obtaining essential oils from plant extracts.
Essential oils are increasingly being used in aromatherapy products and treatments. Key driver behind this trend are health benefits that they provide, which include solutions to skin-related issues, pain management and insomnia. Other health benefits include essential oils that help to alleviate fatigue, anxiety, stress or memory loss, among other things.


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