Violet Leaf Absolute

  • The Definition:

    Free Egyptian violet oil is the volatile oil extracted with ethyl alcohol (%95) from violet paste extracted with hexane from the violet plant,a %100 natural oil free of any additives known scientifically as Viola odorata.

  • Data:

    Extraction method steam distillation
    Botanical part used Flowers and buds
    Harvest ٍٍSeason Mid-August, October - Mid November
    Perfume note Top
    Aromatic description green, earthy, and floral scent.
    Safety It must be diluted according to the instructions. and don’t take any oils internally.

  • Uses:

  • Rheumatic - Acne - Aged Skin - Cellulite - Bruising - Sore Skin - Nervous Exhaustion - Perfumery

  • packing:

  • The oil is packed in clean, dry suitable containers that maintain the properties of the oil and do not affect its quality, if they are sealed and filled to the end and kept in a cool dry place away from sources of light and heat.