Essential oils are chemical compounds extracted from plants that have been used throughout history, with their history being traced back to ancient Egypt.

There are several types of essential oils ; the most popular essential oils include neroli, Jasmin absolute, chamomile, violet leaf, sweet basil linalool, Egyptian geranium, cumin, peppermint, anise seeds, lemongrass and mandarin. The essence of plant extracts is what makes oils essential, which are mainly obtained through steam and water distillation. Mechanical methods such as cold pressing alongside solvent extraction are other ways of obtaining essential oils from plant extracts.

Essential oils are increasingly being used in aromatherapy products and treatments. Key driver behind this trend are health benefits that they provide, which include solutions to skin-related issues, pain management and insomnia. Other health benefits include essential oils that help to alleviate fatigue, anxiety, stress or memory loss, among other things.