Jasmine Concrete

  • The Definition:

    The jasmine Concrete extracted with hexane from the flowers of the jasmine plant known scientifically as Jasminum grandiflorum 100% natural oil free of any additives.

  • Data:

    Extraction method with organic solvents
    Botanical part used flowers
    Harvest ٍٍSeason From June to September
    Color The color of the oil is brown with a hint of gold
    Perfume note middle - base.
    Aromatic description The scent of jasmine Absolute is deep, rich, and floral.
    Safety It must be diluted according to the instructions.

  • Uses:

  • It causes a feeling of relaxation and helps in cases of depression and is used in the global perfume industry, it moisturizes the skin.

  • Oil content of compounds:

  • Compound
    Minimum %
    Maximum %
    benzyl acetate 20 28
    linalool 3.5 7
    indole 2.5 6.5
    ignol 2.5 4

  • packing:

  • The oil is packed in clean, dry suitable containers that maintain the properties of the oil and do not affect its quality, if they are sealed and filled to the end and kept in a cool dry place away from sources of light and heat.